Children’s Policies

Children ages four through twelve may use the Children’s Room Internet access computers.

It is the responsibility of parents/caregivers to assure appropriate use of computers and the Internet.

It is forbidden to use the computer for illegal purposes. Unauthorized access, including hacking, is forbidden.

Users may not install any software or programs on library computers.

Users from Western and Central Massachusetts must have a CW/MARS library card in good standing to access computers.

Users sign onto any available computer by entering their complete library card number.

Users must use their own card. It is not permitted to use a library card of a parent, sibling, or friend. If a child does not have his or her card a guest pass may be issued one time per calendar year.

Users may sign up for one hour of time per day during the school year.

During the summer, users may stay for up to two hours if no one is waiting. There is a two hour per day limit on Internet use for each child during the summer.

Only two children may sit at one terminal.

Reservations may be made in person or by phone for a one hour session.

Users arriving more than 10 minutes late for reserved time may forfeit their reservation if another child wishes to use the computer. Time missed due to lateness counts against the users’ scheduled time.

Computers are shut down 15 minutes before closing time.

The first 10 pages of printing are free. Each additional page costs 10 cents.

The Internet can be informational and fun, but it may also contain information that is not true or may make you feel uncomfortable.

Your use of the Internet may make it possible for other people to get information about you.

Parents are strongly urged to work with their children to develop rules for the use of the library and the Internet.

All computer stations in the children’s area have filtering software that block sites that contain or make reference to inappropriate material. However, filtering software cannot guarantee protections from these types of sites.

For the comfort and safety of all patrons, volunteers, and staff and for the protection of library property, the following actions are prohibited:

-Eating or drinking in the library. Bottled water & beverages including coffee with covers are permitted.

-Smoking, vaping, or consuming intoxicating substances in the library or on library grounds.

-Loitering near or obstruction of Library entrance / exit doors; obstruction of Library aisles or stairs; and loitering and/or soliciting in the Library or on Library grounds.

-Entering the library barefoot or without a shirt.

-Verbally or physically threatening or harassing other patrons, volunteers, or staff, including stalking, staring, and touching. Audible or excessive use of profanity is also prohibited.

-Use of audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume that disturbs others. Please silence your cell phones and electronic devices while in the library. Cell phones may only be used in the stairwell or lobby of the Library.

-Stealing, damaging, altering, or inappropriate use of Library property. Littering or improper disposal of personal trash.

-Disruptive behavior such as fighting or challenging to fight, running, pushing, shoving, or throwing things; causing disruptive noises such as loud talking, screaming, or banging on computer keyboards.

-Lying down on any floor, table, or study carrel in the Library. Seating at tables, workstations, and chairs is limited to the number of persons for whom the furniture was designed.

-Entering private or staff – designated areas.

-Leaving personal belongings unattended.

-Use of skateboards, roller blades, and other sporting equipment in the Library or on Library grounds.

Click here for the full Rules of Conduct

The staff of the Agawam Public Library strives to create a warm, inviting, fun environment for children of all ages. The library offers many programs and services that encourage children to develop a love of books, reading and learning.

The well-being of young children in a public building like the library is of great importance.  The responsibility for children using the Library rests with the child’s parent/guardian or a designated adult caregiver. The library staff is responsible for performing library service duties and cannot be responsible for the care or safety of unattended children.  The Agawam Public Library assumes no responsibility for children of any age left unattended at the library.

In order to create an environment of safety and maintain an atmosphere where children can enjoy all that the library offers, the following policies have been established:

  • All children ages 10 and younger must be accompanied and continually supervised by a responsible caregiver 14 years of age or older while in the library.
  • Children age 11 and older may use the library unattended as long as their conduct is acceptable in a library setting and that they are not disruptive to other library patrons.
  • Children ages 11 and older who are unattended in the library should know how to contact a parent or caregiver in case of emergency.
  • Children and their adult caregivers should be aware of the closing times of the library.
  • Parents or caregivers must stay in the library building while their child under the age of 11 is attending a library-sponsored program.
  • In case of medical emergency, when a parent or guardian is not with the child, staff will contact emergency services and then the parent or guardian, in that order.
  • Library staff may call parents or caregivers, police, or other city agencies if a child is left unattended when the Library closes, asked to leave the Library, or in an emergency situation.

If an adult in the Children’s Room is not accompanied by a child or is not involved in appropriate use of children’s library materials, that person shall be asked to use other areas of the library.

Agawam Public Library assumes no responsibility for children of any age left unattended at the library. Parents assume all liability for damage done by their children to the library facility, equipment and materials.

Policy Revised 2/28/2020

Parents are strongly urged to access these links on Internet safety.

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