Curbside Service

We realize you have some questions. Here we’ll try to answer some of them. As ever if you have any questions this FAQ doesn’t answer please email us or call 413-789-1550.


Can I pick up items I placed on hold before the shutdown?

YES. Please call us first & fill out the curbside service form. You won’t be allowed into the library but we’ll bring your items to your car !

How do I use the curbside service?

a. Visit to login to your library record & request items. Please also remember that statewide delivery is not working yet so only request Agawam items that are on the shelf. Requesting a book from another library will result in a significant delay. When you’ve placed the holds please call us at 413-789-1550 to let us know that you have placed the holds.
b. Please fill out the curbside request form if you’re not comfortable with using the catalog.
c. When your items are ready you will be called.
d. If you have a cell phone, call 413-789-1550 when you arrive to pick up your items. If you don’t have a cell phone please arrange a pickup time when we call you.
e. When you get to the library open your trunk and stay in the vehicle.
f. Library staff will bring your items out and put them in the trunk after verifying your identity. We take your privacy and the security of your account seriously and want to make sure everyone gets their own items.
g. As always if you have any questions – any at all – please call 413-789-1550 & we’ll help you out!

How many items can I pick up with curbside service?

As many as you’d like. The current limit from CW MARS is 50 items total on your card. Please note that the more items you request, the longer it will take the staff to process.

How do I return library materials?

Please return items at the external book drops at the Agawam Library. Do not use the book slots.

I have a question about my library record?

Please call 413-789-1550 & speak to the Circulation Department. They’ll be happy to help you out!

I have a question about absolutely anything else?

Please call 413-789-1550 & speak to the Reference Department. We’ll be more than happy to help you with your questions!

Can you fax or print something for me?

We do not offer either fax or wireless print services. If you need something printed (such as a tax form) we can print it for you & you can pick it up.